The Ultimate Annual Planning Retreat for Entrepreneurs

Head Start 2024

Join Commit Action’s founder for a luxury, tax-deductible planning retreat with an elite handful of Commit Action’s most successful clients.


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Peter Shallard

A note from Commit Action’s founder

Peter Shallard:

Each year, I make a detailed 5-part training workshop as a free perk for all Commit Action clients. It’s called Head Start and it’s the best annual planning program in existence.

Why? Because I noticed an important pattern.

As “The Shrink for Entrepreneurs” I built up a client roster with a market cap of several billion, and coached business owners through everything from nine figure funding rounds to IPOs.

But without fail, the most successful entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to all had one thing in common.

They all performed a precise, structured, and intentional planning ritual over the holidays.

And not just setting a few goals, or journaling. They all had a step-by-step process for reflecting and planning ahead, so they could get a huge head start each year. When I figured this out, I knew I needed to study and emulate the annual planning ritual myself.

  • One of my clients goes out to a cabin to be totally alone.
  • Another spends time with close family, sharing aspirations and goals.
  • One journals.
  • Another builds spreadsheets.

They all arrived at their rituals in different ways, but just as the key elements of a stellar business plan never change: the annual planning practices of the astronomically successful always use the same foundational elements of evidence-based psychology (even if they didn’t know it).

Punta Mita - Peter Shallard

So I documented them, and put them into practice.

Every year, over the holidays, I take time out and do this thoughtful & structured planning. And it has had a profound impact on my entrepreneurial output (including scaling Commit Action into a multi-million dollar business).

A few years back, I started sharing my process as a free perk to all Commit Action clients.

That set of 5 video training workshops is called “Head Start”. The 2024 edition drops on December 20th for everyone we work with.

The way I make the video workshop is something really special:

I’m inviting a small group of Commit Action clients to join me on my actual retreat, in person, to do this planning ritual collaboratively. We’ll break bread together, unwind and relax together. But most of all, we’ll plan and strategize together. And we’ll film the workshop itself and create the resource for all Commit Action clients.

So, would you like to be one of 40 entrepreneurs who joins my annual planning retreat, in person, at The Four Seasons Punta Mita, Mexico?

Punta Mita - Beach
Punta Mita - People
Punta Mita - Peter Shallard
Punta Mita - hotel

Head Start Retreat:

Wed 6th of December - Sun 10th December

Punta Mita - Tickets

$9000 per seat

(sold out)

Over three rejuvenating days, we’ll collaborate together to complete an all-encompassing annual planning ritual. Each exercise that makes up the program will be completed in person, facilitated by senior Commit Action staff while collaborating with other amazing entrepreneurs.

This isn’t just a sitting-and-listening seminar, but an actively facilitated planning workshop: Attendees will walk away with their 2024 plan locked, loaded and even published in a leather binder to symbolize the clarity and completion of the process.


  • Entire Head Start workshop presented in person by Peter
  • 4 nights at The Four Seasons Punta Mita
  • All exercises and plans completed via coach-facilitated collaboration
  • Welcome dinner Wednesday night
  • Workshop networking lunches (Thu, Fri & Saturday)
  • Special bonus event Thursday evening
  • Closing dinner Saturday night
  • Discussion, networking, and psychological deep dives
  • Airport transfer to and from resort

For years now I’ve sought solitude and inspiration at amazing locations for my personal ritual, and now I’m inviting a small group CA clients to join me for my planning escape.

The Four Seasons Punta Mita is one of the world’s premiere luxury resorts, with a reputation as a “Billionaire’s Playground”. The Head Start Retreat will be conducted as an intimate live workshop over Thursday, Friday and Saturday with an emphasis on co-working through the exercises and totally completing your 2024 annual plan.

And its all hosted at Commit Action’s exclusive clifftop villa, with ample downtime for reflecting and connecting!

Punta Mita - Beach
Punta Mita - People
Punta Mita - Peter Shallard
Punta Mita - hotel

Contact me directly with questions (my email is just my first name

Ready to join me? This event will fill fast so act now to apply for consideration:


Click here to be considered (tickets are USD$9000)

You must have an active Commit Action membership to attend this event.

This is a non-refundable, high demand ticket - one of 40 total available. In the unfortunate event that you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, we will make every reasonable effort to re-sell your ticket at cost to another Commit Action customer on the wait list. If you wish to add a spouse ticket, you can do so at checkout.

Who is it for?

This is an elite planning retreat suited for entrepreneurs celebrating a big win in 2023, open to a tax deductible professional development investment in themselves... and frankly, a once-in-a- lifetime getaway to paradise.

Our focus will be creating ROI of several orders of magnitude (100x or more) from this investment in our planning and psychology.

If you’re looking for to reward yourself while also giving yourself a literal “head start” on the year ahead, this will be an unforgettable and paradigm-shifting “unlock” experience.

Spouses are welcome to join for a small additional fee of $900—we’d love to meet your significant other and host them at our welcome dinner, special evening event and closing party.

Punta Mita - Commit Action
Punta Mita - Commit Action

About the (spectacular) property

An intentional retreat demands an exceptional location. We’re hosting our Head Start event with our friends at The Four Seasons Punta Mita, located on a stunning peninsula of Mexico’s pacific coast. Peter has been taking retreats at this location for years, and when you arrive you’ll see why: The stunning topography, wildlife, climate and flawless local hospitality make this place magical.

The modern embodiment of the soul of Mexico, this beachfront paradise is everything you need in a luxury getaway. With ultra luxe accommodation, opportunity for tranquil pool and beachfront relaxation abounds. Savor the world’s finest take on local Mexican cuisine or use the resort as a jump off point to navigate the area’s incredible culinary scene, natural and cultural wonders.

With amazing surrounds, luxury amenities, and exceptional company this will be an unforgettable 3 days recharging together.

Punta Mita - Commit Action
Punta Mita - Commit Action

A little more about
Head Start

Head Start is Commit Action’s wildly successful and positively reviewed annual planning workshop, typically presented as a free (digital) bonus to all active Commit Action clients over the winter holidays.

It consists of a three-part focus on intelligent reflection, ecological goal setting and artful implementation. To read more about this unique approach to annual planning, check out Peter’s blog post breaking down his process here.

Head Start Live is a luxury event that started when Peter asked himself the question: How much fun could I have planning my year and producing this workshop?

If you’re interested in being part of the answer to that question, act fast to secure your spot. Last year sold out in less than ten days!

Head Start 2024