Our mission

Our founder Peter Shallard is known as “The Shrink for Entrepreneurs”.  Peter is a therapist gone renegade whose client roster spans the Silicon Valley startup elite, to some of the most enviable bootstrap and lifestyle business owners imaginable.

Peter’s clients have collectively generated over a billion dollars in market capitalization value, with hundreds of millions in venture capital raised. His work helps entrepreneurs create wealth, freedom and impact… without compromising on happiness or sanity.

In 2012, Peter launched the  beta-version experiment that would become Commit Action. He wanted to test his thesis: That objective, professional Accountability is the ultimate tool for empowering entrepreneurs to become the highest leverage version of themselves possible.

To design the strategy of our Executive Effectiveness Aide workflow, Peter assembled an advisory board of researchers and academic experts in the fields of neuroscience and empirical psychology.

He and the team believe that the personal development movement has largely failed business owners. We’re ruthlessly committed to optimizing entrepreneurial performance through evidence-based methodology.

We created Commit Action as the antidote to:

  • Pseudoscientific life coaching
  • Hype-driven “Secrets” based info-marketing
  • False/artificial epiphany and snake-oil personal development

Our mission is simple…

The age of the self employed entrepreneur is here

By 2020 more than 40% of the US workforce – that’s 60 million people – are predicted to be freelance or self employed. More people than ever are choosing the entrepreneur way of life.

The biggest, sharpest double edge sword ever known is hanging over us all and it’s forged from ubiquitous internet access, mobile technology and the revelation that we’re meant for more than a cubicle.

Terrific opportunity lies on one side, phenomenal peril on the other. The choice is yours to…


Create incredible wealth and
freedom for yourself

Build something
enormous and lasting

Make the world a better place

Be totally overwhelmed by your goals and responsibilities and never really move forward

Feel thwarted by the isolation and loneliness of working alone

Fall prey to distraction,
hesitation or complacency

Less than 1% of entrepreneurs are doing as well as they’d like to…

Business owners want to be more productive, think bigger, be balanced, delegate more, focus harder… the list never ends. Several multi-billion dollar industries exist to scratch the entrepreneurial “I-need-to-do-better” itch:

1000+ gurus trying to show the way

10,000+ apps, to-do list tools and productivity hacks

100,000+ articles, books, trainings and content of all forms


Is any of it actually making a difference?

Commit Action was founded to close the colossal gap between the tiny fraction of entrepreneurs who have it all and the immense majority who are struggling, overwhelmed and frustrated by their lack of results.


We believe

…that entrepreneurs are drowning in content, material, mentors, gurus, software and self improvement tools – that this is an infinite abundance of smart and great ideas. In the age of the internet, a supposed lack of training or education isn’t to blame.

…the tiny fraction of superhuman entrepreneurs – who rocket their businesses and lives into the stratosphere – have an unfair advantage when it comes to execution. While others are paralyzed in self sabotage and hesitation, these people produce success after stellar success.

…mental isolation and lack of accountability is the ultimate (and only real) “stuck-ness” that prevents entrepreneurs operating as the most effective versions of themselves.

…every entrepreneur has the potential to make a huge positive impact, potentially tackling some of the world’s most desperate problems…. if they can turn themselves into an execution powerhouse.

We’re taking an empirical, brain-science approach to transforming entrepreneurial consciousness: Our human-powered, software-enhanced Executive Aide service is a white-glove concierge for your focus, goal setting and effectiveness.

A Commit Action membership gives you access to all the psychological advantages the top 1% of entrepreneurs already possess – in a weekly conversational planning ritual with your aide. Unlike every other solution, the motivation and focus this service creates improves over time. All you have to do is show up.

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