Our Story
& Mission

Entrepreneurs make the world a better place. Especially when they succeed.

It’s not easy though. If it were, everyone would be doing it.

But in 2022 it’s not lack of opportunity — or tools, information and resources — that’s holding you back.

It’s the ability to execute on your best and boldest ideas.

We created Commit Action to solve that problem.

This is the short version of our story…

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Our work has become

This big change has been brewing for a long time. Work was agriculture for thousands of years. Then it was manufacturing, for hundreds. Today, work—and every aspect of life itself—has been transformed almost overnight by microprocessors and the internet.

The big opportunities are now about technology, connection and ideas.

Entire professions have appeared that didn’t exist 10 years ago. Opportunity is everywhere: The US treasury predicts more than 60 million people will be freelance or self-employed in the next few years.

People are choosing the entrepreneurial way of life. Everyone wants freedom, control, and self-determination.

But for so many, the day-to-day reality does not live up to that dream.

Entrepreneurs feel isolated.

They struggle with procrastination, overwhelm, analysis-paralysis, burnout, fear of failure, self doubt, and a whole host of other psychological roadblocks.

And it's no wonder why.

The natural environment for us humans is social: Interactions. Relationships. Accountability.

But what does life look like for entrepreneurs nowadays?

Alone between four walls, hunched over a laptop for hours at a time, wearing the clothes you slept in, trying to build a business you couldn’t explain to your grandfather. And not a soul on earth knows if you lived up to your true potential each day… or wasted away the hours, plugged into algorithms optimized to distract you.

These are conditions of endless self sabotage and stuckness. Not productive flourishing or effective execution.

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Isolation is the major social
pathology of our time

It turns out that our internal battle for focus and productivity… is a downstream consequence of our isolation.

But when people go searching for a solution to the productivity/isolation problem, what do they find?

Planning journals, productivity books, and to-do list software. Or perhaps a newfangled 10-part morning routine designed to put you in a “Flow State”. All these hacks just create more mental sock puppets to cajole (and criticize) ourselves with.

And each is just another lonely protocol. Driving us further into isolated navel gazing. Cutting off our mammalian brain from the genuine connection it needs to flourish.

The point is, while information or tools can be useful for gaining a temporary hit of focus, they don’t deal with the fundamental issue of mental isolation.

And more often than not, obsessing over the latest hacks or self-help strategies only adds to feelings of overwhelm and productivity shame. It’s over-thinking and over-analyzing about work instead of just moving forward. Instead of just executing on the opportunity in front of you.


Commit Action:
A new kind of coached productivity
ritual for High Leverage work

We wanted to change that, and provide a solution to this problem which would actually fix it once and for all.

Commit Action started with a deep investigation into two areas:

The scientific literature of personal productivity

First-hand analysis of ultra-effective, serially successful entrepreneurs

We found that almost all productivity practices are too complex to be effective. And they all lack the “cognitive condition” that changes everything: Accountability.

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Human beings are social primates hardwired to perform at their best when they’re connected and accountable.

We also found that elite performers define productivity differently. Working hard, or even “working smart” isn’t enough. The future will be won by those who master High Leverage work.

Commit Action was founded by Peter Shallard — known previously as “The Shrink for Entrepreneurs”— with over a decade of experience coaching elite, fast-moving tech founders (his client roster contains a combined few billion in market cap).

Peter assembled a scientific advisory board of experts from fields including clinical psychology, neuroscience and positive psychology. With their guidance (and a sh*tload of entrepreneurial execution) Commit Action was born:

We believe everyone should have a weekly productivity ritual. And we’ve built the world’s best version: The Commit Action ritual is evidence-based and real-world tested by over four-thousand entrepreneurs, executives and creatives.

But the best part is: The Commit Action ritual is coached.

A dedicated, highly trained productivity coach meets with each of our clients every week to guide them through our methodology. This creates clarity and effectiveness that compounds every week, month and year.


We help the world’s ambitious entrepreneurs execute on their biggest, boldest ideas… faster than anyone thought possible.



Evidence based planning methodology


Minimum Viable Dose (Sustainable) 30 min Weekly ritual


The structure and psychology to change your mental game, for the long haul

Achieve Your Goals Faster