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Staying focused, productive and in your mental zone of peak performance is one of the hardest things to do. We created Commit Action to solve this problem.

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The Age of the Self Employed
Entrepreneur is Here

By 2025 more than 40% of the US workforce – that’s 60 million people – are predicted to be freelance or self employed. More people than ever are choosing the entrepreneur way of life.

The biggest, sharpest double edge sword ever known is hanging over us all and it’s forged from ubiquitous internet access, mobile technology and the revelation that we’re meant for more than a cubicle.

Terrific opportunity lies on one side,
phenomenal peril on the other.
The choice is yours to…

Create incredible wealth and freedom for yourself

Be totally overwhelmed by your goals and responsibilities and never really move forward

Build something enormous and lasting

Feel thwarted by the isolation and loneliness of working alone

Make the world a better place

Fall prey to distraction, hesitation or complacency

Less Than 1% of Entrepreneurs are Doing as Well as They’d Like to…

Business owners want to be more productive, think bigger, be balanced, delegate more, focus harder… the list never ends. Several multi-billion dollar industries exist to scratch the entrepreneurial “I-need-to-do-better” itch:


gurus trying to
show the way


apps, to-do list
tools and


articles, books,
trainings and
content of all

Is Any of it Actually Making a Difference?

Hi, my name is Peter Shallard, founder and CEO of Commit Action.

I spent the last decade doing one to one therapy and consulting with some of the world’s highest achievers in my other business where I’m known as the ‘Shrink For Entrepreneurs’.

For years I was dissatisfied with the pseudo-science and the lies in the entrepreneur personal growth world.

  • Pseudoscientific life coaching
  • Hype-driven “Secrets” based info-marketing
  • False/artificial epiphany and snake-oil personal development

I saw the personal development movement largely failing business owners…

So I decided to do something about it.

My goal was simple:

Use REAL science to help business owners achieve their goals faster, easier, and more often.

My whole purpose was to find out WHY is it that a tiny fraction of entrepreneurs is effortlessly successful at business…

….and why on the other hand the vast majority of entrepreneurs appear to be miserable, trapped and ineffective despite their best intentions.

And more importantly…

How can we predictably bridge
the gap between the two through
evidence based methodology.

After working hand in hand with a board of Ivy League researchers and psychology experts, as well as gathering data from over ten thousand one to one phone calls we made to entrepreneurs, we developed our signature Commit Action Coaching program that you can read about on our site. You can also learn more about the science behind our methodology here.

I’m proud to say that, since our first beta test in 2012, we’ve now helped thousands of entrepreneurs in over 22 different countries CLOSE THE GAP from struggling, overwhelmed, and underachieving to winning at all levels of the game.

My revenues have increased by 74% in the quarter that I’ve been working with CA. AND – I’m not burned out!! …Seriously, this program has been a total game changer to how I think about my entire business and move from freelancing to actual entrepreneur.

– Tori Cox

Commit Action is on a Mission to Multiply Global Focus & Effectiveness


…that entrepreneurs are drowning in content, material, mentors, gurus, software and self improvement tools – that there is an infinite abundance of smart and great ideas. In the age of the internet, a supposed lack of training or education isn’t to blame.

…the tiny fraction of superhuman entrepreneurs – who rocket their businesses and lives into the stratosphere – have an unfair advantage when it comes to execution. While others are paralyzed in self sabotage and hesitation, these people produce success after stellar success.

…mental isolation and lack of accountability is the ultimate (and only real) “stuck-ness” that prevents entrepreneurs operating as the most effective versions of themselves.

…every entrepreneur has the potential to make a huge positive impact, potentially tackling some of the world’s most desperate problems…

…IF they can turn themselves into execution powerhouses.

I created Commit Action to help you do that.

Peter Shallard
Founder & CEO Commit Action
The Shrink For Entrepreneurs

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