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What Is The Assessment?

Quick & Free: Takes 15 minutes, full custom report is tailored to your unique personality and delivered totally free of charge.

Evidence Based: Built on the world’s single most scientifically validated personality model (The Five Factor Model).

Independently Validated: The underlying assessment methodology has been utilized by researchers in over 950 independent studies.

Uncover your personality’s genetic roots: This entrepreneur personality test taps into genetics-based personality research to reveal 15 aspects that are the core, biological building blocks of your personality!

Secure & Safe: Your results are encrypted and never shared with 3rd parties.

Openness to Experience


Trait openness to experience is an interesting index of tendencies that closely align with the entrepreneurial spirit. It is a measure of interest in novelty, art, literature, abstract thinking, and philosophy, as well as sensitivity to aesthetic emotions and beauty.

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Intellect is one of the two aspects of openness-to-experience, which is the primary index of creativity, artistic interest, intelligence (particularly verbal intelligence) and intellectual curiosity in the Commit Action entrepreneurial traits model. It is important to know that this aspect isn’t a measure of intelligence or IQ in a traditional sense.

Entrepreneurs who score high on intellect are thinky people who love working through complex problems and thinking through highly conceptual, abstract ideas. They want to

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What Our Entrepreneur Personality Quiz Reveals

Deep Dive: Receive an extensive 10+ page report shedding light on your unique entrepreneurial traits.

Quick Highlights: At the report’s outset, find a concise summary spotlighting your core strengths.

Warnings & Caution: Identify potential challenges or blind spots in your entrepreneurial journey.

Speak with a Coach: With insights in hand, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation for a free 1-to-1 consultation with our expert coaches to strategize your next steps.

Your Privacy Matters: We ask for basic info like your name, email, and basic demographics to personalize your experience. Data is encrypted, and we never share it.

Unearth your strengths. Anticipate challenges. Strategize your journey.

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Skye K

Founder | Profit Partnerships Group


In the 3 months I’ve been with Commit Action my revenue has increased by 50% and I’ve hired a team to help me execute which has bought my total hours worked down to 25 per week (while growing 2 companies)

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Luke A.

Founder | Badass Business


Before working with them I was struggling with prioritising, doing 100 hour weeks every week mainly on tasks that didn’t matter. We worked on leveraging my actions to team members, and I had my 2nd highest sales month ($20,000)...

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Tino T.

Founder | Measured Growth


Commit Action has been game changing for my business. I went from feeling overwhelmed and scattered with to-dos to having clarity on my yearly goals, milestones to hit, and daily tasks that would get me there.


While there’s no single “entrepreneurial personality”, certain traits are more commonly associated with entrepreneurs than the general population. Many of the top performing entrepreneurs possess tendencies that place them well outside of bell curve averages. Think of the successful entrepreneur personality as an unusual outline.

A typical entrepreneurial personality often exhibits traits such as risk-taking, resilience, adaptability, self-confidence, and a strong desire for autonomy. The Big Five Personality model typically shows entrepreneurs as possessing higher levels of Openness to Experience than others. Additionally lower levels of aspects of trait Agreeableness is common in assertive leader entrepreneurs.

While there’s no definitive list, The Big Five Personality Model suggests high levels of Openness to Experience are required for entrepreneurship. Successful entrepreneurs tend to be highly industrious, with a strong bias for action-taking. They are also often assertive and strategically disagreeable, scoring lower in traits such as “Politeness”.