Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck does Commit Action actually do?

Fair enough for asking!

Turns out there is NOTHING on earth like Commit Action. So it takes us a minute or two to explain it. If you’re a business owner who believes that execution is everything, it’s a minute well spent:

Our homepage breaks it all down in detail (click here)

This page details “A week in the life of a Commit Action member” (click here)

And here we reveal the hiring and training rigor that makes our Executive Effective Aides the super-heros they are (click here)

… and if you’ve read all three of those and you still don’t get it… close your eyes and visualize with us.

No wait! We need you to keep reading, so KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN AND VISUALIZE WITH US:

Imagine an entrepreneurial psychology and productivity expert visited you one morning each week.

Imagine they sat down with you, at your white board… or in front of your computer… or where ever you keep that huge list of plans, projects, ideas, dreams and hopes.

You know you have that list. Even if it’s only in your head.

So imagine they sat with you and talked you through that list, asking you smart questions, clarifying your thinking… and ultimately having you commit to a seven day tactical action plan to get moving on the most important, highest priority tasks.

Imagine then, that they checked back in with you precisely one week later. They followed up on what you got done – and what you didn’t – and helped you learn from what worked… and what did not.

Then, integrating those lessons (and celebrating those successes) they set to work building the next plan for the next week.

All the while keep you and your mental energy FREE… to actually just focus on doing the super important (not urgent) work that drives your business growth.

THAT is what Commit Action is. And we achieve it remotely and at no-brainer price, by using badass technology and super highly trained, dedicated humans who work one-to-one which each one of our members. They’re Executive Aides for Effectiveness and they turn our clients into the highest leverage versions of themselves imaginable.

Is this a scam?

No. And if you’re asking this question it’s probably because you’ve been exposed to other “focus and productivity” solutions that ARE kinda scammy.

At Commit Action we believe that you don’t need to spend thousands on trainings and seminars from gurus. Or pay for mega-expensive, dubiously unqualified “coaching”.

We believe you know – deep down and in your bones – what it is you need to be doing.

We believe that if you could just execute on the great ideas you already have, you’ll accelerate so fast and learn so much… that you’ll become an extraordinary high leverage person… and get everything you want in life and business.

That’s why we sell the human-powered support service that equips you with the executive aide that an entrepreneur like you deserves. We simply help you just get out of your own way, and get on with it.

We’ve had thousands of business owners join us and that’s how our business works: We succeed because we scale. We don’t charge thousands for BS scam coaching because we don’t need to.

We’re also on a quest to end fuzzy-thinking and banish snake-oil from the entrepreneur world… hence our empirical science focus:

What’s all this about science and the Executive Aide’s methodology?

Did you know researchers have discovered psychological personality traits that can be measured in children… that accurately predict how much money they’ll make as adults?

Science is figuring out why stunning success happens, but the industry of entrepreneur “improvement” is still in the snake-oil stone age.

This company was founded by a guy called Peter Shallard – known as “The Shrink for Entrepreneurs”. He started out as a clinical therapist (back in New Zealand), got involved in doing therapy with some pretty stellar entrepreneurs… started blogging about it…. moved his practice to New York and then founded THIS company.

Peter has a passion for finding out the empirical truth about what makes business success happen for individuals. He’s been on a crusade against snake-oil and pseudoscience his whole career.

When Peter started Commit Action he immediately convened our Science Advisory Board – seeking out the top neuroscience and psychology researchers on the planet.

The mission of our Science Advisory Board? To get at the hard truths of what really provably works in the quest for business success.

Commit Action’s science advisors have included professors of Positive Psychology at NYU, Neuroscientists at Harvard Medical School, PhD therapists with years of clinical experience…  and more.

These people – all working on the pointy end of serious behavior-change research – have served as instrumental advisors as we’ve developed:

– The ritual and methodology our Executive Effectiveness Aides guide our members through each week

– The features and approach of our proprietary software (that organizes your to-dos/projects and tracks your effectiveness and growth)

– Every aspect of the relationship between our Aides and our members, and the goals they’re working on

Don’t just take our word for it though:

We have crazy policy of GIVING AWAY all our best research and training methodology (how we do what we do) to business owners who want to learn more about the REAL science of high-leverage productivity optimization.

You can click here to sign up for our free video training series that breaks it all down.

We believe that the industry of “helping entrepreneurs succeed” is broken. That’s why we invest – more money and time than anyone else –  in seeking out and collaborating with the cutting-edge academic researchers. We drag them out from their labs and apply their best insights to our member’s real business growth.

We do this because we know the truth:

Most of the trainings, books, gurus and so-called experts trying to make you more productive and successful… don’t actually work.

You’re living in an explosion of self-help and pop psychology aimed at turning everyone into entrepreneurs. And then making those entrepreneurs as effective as possible. It’s a billion dollar industry.

Thanks to studies by the US Treasury we know that one in three Americans want to be business owners. Of the people who actually make the leap, there’s only a tiny tiny fraction who are getting the results they want.

We’ve studied – and actually spoken one-to-one with – over 10,000 business owners.

The vast majority report that they’re struggling to achieve their goals AND they’re feeling totally overwhelmed. Each year, business owners collectively spent millions on self-help and professional development… but it never seems to make a lasting difference.

Meanwhile, in the last thirty years there have been tremendous breakthroughs in the behavioral sciences that have revealed truths about the human brain and it’s relationship to economic prosperity and upward mobility for individuals. Put shortly: Science knows what makes success.

We actually know the deep, unsexy truths… the factors that make seemingly superhuman entrepreneurs hit home-run after home-run in business, easier faster and more often than everyone else.

If you want to go deep down this rabbit hole and learn this stuff for yourself… it’ll take some time to explain. Totally worth it though, as an investment in yourself. To start, sign up to check out our free video training that breaks down all our best research and tactics.

Can I try Commit Action for free before committing to it?

Commit Action membership isn’t some phony digital training or e-book. Every one of our members has a high-leverage relationship with one of our highly-trained Executive Effective Aides. This doesn’t come cheap, which means we can’t give away free memberships – we’ve gotta pay our people.

That said, we do offer a thirty day satisfaction money-back guarantee. We’re convinced that you’ll find Commit Action so game-changingly effective that once you try it, it won’t make sense to stop. However, if we’ve grossly miscommunicated and it’s just not for you… you can contact our support team at any point in the first 30 days of your membership and ask: You’ll receive a full refund of your first month’s membership fee.

Is Commit Action an app?

An app is part of what Commit Action membership is all about.

We have a fully-fledged web app we built from scratch to input and organize all your to-dos and projects. It’s pretty amazing because it also:

– Facilitates real-time collaboration between your Executive Effectiveness Aide and you, as you clarify and commit to high leverage execution plans each week. You have to see it in action to see how cool this really is. It’s kinda like having an Executive Aide manage, edit and organize your giant whiteboard full of ideas while you kick back and brainstorm… but on your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

– Tracks meta-productivity metrics … did we mention we’re all about hardcore empirical science? If you sign up for the videos (free) we give away that break down our best research and training, you’ll learn about the psychological power of self quantification in terms of pushing yourself into a high-leverage mental work zone. Our app has several features designed to do precisely that.

– A ton of behind-the-scenes tools your Executive Effectiveness Aide uses but you never see. These ultimately help turn you into an execution powerhouse and KEEP you there, empowering your aide to keep you organized, on-track and accountable. No more fiddling with settings in complicated software – outsource that stuff like a boss, and keep your energy and focus free to actually work on seriously important stuff.

Is Commit Action 100% private, confidential and secure?

Not only is our software SSL encrypted and totally secure, but all your interactions with your dedicated one-to-one Executive Effectiveness Aide are considered 100% privileged and confidential.

Your information is NEVER shared outside of Commit Action Inc. We have a lot of serious entrepreneurs doing important work on our platform, and protecting their trade secrets, intellectual property and personal information is one of our paramount priorities.

Can I ask a question that isn’t on this page?

Yes! We’d love to hear from you and we’re here to answer questions, and to help!

Our support team receive and respond to queries submitted on our contact page – click here – within 24 hours… and our company founder handles any really juicy questions you might have. Let us know if you think we should be adding something to this FAQ.