Focus & Productivity is a promise you keep making to yourself. Are you sick and tired of breaking it?
High Leverage entrepreneurs don’t succeed alone

Our service pairs you with an executive aide pro, dedicated to optimizing your execution effectiveness.

This means that unlike every other focus and productivity solution, Commit Action requires zero willpower to start or maintain. Your effectiveness won’t fade after a week or two of hype - it’ll incrementally INCREASE over time.

When you join CA, your dedicated Executive Effectiveness Aide becomes a…

Essential part of your team:

Your most important “hire” is the person whose job is to keep you in the zone.

White-glove concierge for your goal setting:

No more screwing around with systems/lists - you now have someone for that.

Heroic personal-trainer for your focus & productivity:

Each aide is a highly trained brain-science and psychology pro who’ll make you the highest-leverage you possible.

Constant source of Accountability:

Does any other human on earth truly know if you really focused and performed yesterday… or if you just phoned it in?

… What about you?

Are you trying to win in business without any objective support?

Or worse... are you attempting it totally alone?

100% full time. 100% in-house. 100% the best.

Our HQ is in New York City. Our Executive Effectiveness Aides are based across the US. We serve 22 countries and counting.

Our Aides: Forged by Rigorous Selection & Elite Training

Selected from a battery of psychological tests and profiles, then interviewed exhaustively to ensure they’re the perfect fit. We hire less than 1% of applicants.

Meticulously trained in our cutting edge methodology (see our FAQ) that destroys self sabotage, ends procrastination and accelerates your best ideas & intentions into concrete results.

Leveraging dozens of psychological variables and best-practices in EVERY consultation, based on empirical psychology from our brain-science advisory board (again, see our FAQ for more).

Hundreds upon hundreds of hours of experience, scrutiny and training that ensures they’re fully equipped to serve you as an effectiveness enhancing force.

Trained specifically with entrepreneurs from more industries and verticals than you can imagine, and experienced in getting them ALL accelerating – no matter what unusual obstacles they face.

You don’t have to do this by yourself…

Ready? Begin your Commit Action membership immediately.

The price is only $129 per month but the cost is so much more: All our customers give up their self sabotage and low-leverage floundering.

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