How developmental psychology will earn you customers

How developmental psychology can make your business attract customers

In my article last week we talked about magnetically attracting hordes of customers to your business with the powers of evolutionary psychology.  When you put marketing together with psychology, customer-acquisition magic happens.  This doesn’t work with the pop-psychology or the latest bestselling self-help book. It works with… Read More

How to use a smartphone productively

How to use a smartphone productively 

You’re not getting more distracted or more stressed out. You’re not less focused.  We all are.  Smartphones and the social media we access through them have created an attention economy that is wrecking havoc on our brains.  You and your attention are the product that billion dollar… Read More

How to make yourself ultra effective even when you feel lazy

Sometimes you’re hungry for a detailed guide to hack your mind into the ultimate state of entrepreneurial focus and effectiveness.  But sometimes, you just don’t feel like it.  This is a guide for those times.  Maybe you’ve been crushing goals for so long that you deserve some… Read More

How to make yourself stick to a routine

Entrepreneurs are obsessed with freedom but the really savvy ones figure out that routine is what actually sets them free.  The structure and ritual of highly optimized routine is the foundation that entrepreneurial freedom is built on. To achieve true freedom, an entrepreneur must first put themselves into… Read More

How to fix your fried attention span 

(This article is a sister/companion piece to my post: We all live in the Pay-Per-Click Economy and your focus has been sold) Eleven times in twenty minutes. That’s how often the guy next to me visited, interrupting his flow with the document he was attempting to write… Read More

How to become the highest leverage version of yourself possible

For the first time at Commit Action, we can clearly articulate our total philosophy. This simple description of what we stand for – what we’re here to help you accomplish – is the crux of everything we’ve learned. I’d like to introduce you to the Commit Action manifesto. It’s… Read More

How to know for sure when to quit (or stick with) your business idea

Ever ask yourself when you should walk away from a business idea that isn’t working out? Ever worried if you’re making the right decision? Even just thinking about quitting can feel like an entrepreneurial “thought crime”. “Never give up!”  “Don’t listen to the haters”  “Be patient”  …… Read More

What to do when you don’t know what to do in business 

Three simple in-the-moment journaling exercises to reduce entrepreneurial anxiety and inspire action There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s career where mental paralysis strikes. It could be fear and the lizard brain. It could be the crushing overwhelm of too many things to do. It could even… Read More