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XayLi Barclay
United States Verified

Commit Action has been life-changing for me! I realized at a specific point in my entrepreneurial journey that I couldn’t trust myself with some of my biggest goals. Coming to terms with this made me search for a solution. Since signing up for commit…

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Tatiana Temple
United States Verified

This type of coaching is EXACTLY what I was hoping for in my freelance career. As a creative person, I have a hard time with schedules and prioritizing. So having a dedicated coach who is assigned to me and basically has become my business partner…

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Shane L.
United States Verified

Commit Action is a vital part of my business. By holding me accountable and helping break big projects in weekly chunks, I’ve been able to accomplish more than I ever imagined. If you run a business, Commit Action is for you.

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Jabbar Daniels
United States Verified

It’s been a year since I first started with Commit Action and I can say it’s the single best decision I’ve made to keep myself on top of my goals and my business planning! When I tend to get back into my comfort zone and put things off, my coach is always…

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Athena Murphy
United States Verified

I’m creative, committed and recovering from a brain injury that impacted my decision-making capacity. As an entrepreneur, making the right decisions, iterating and refining are the most important things for me. I just happen to live in a brain that…

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Membership includes:

  • Dedicated Commit Action Coach
  • Cornerstone Productivity Ritual Installed Overnight (and maintaned for you by your coach)
  • Access to our cutting-edge planning and productivity tracking software that guides, measures & improves progress over time (available only to members)
  • Weekly one-on-one accountability calls plus check-ins via email and/or SMS
  • Bonus! Commit Action’s Private Research & Training Library
  • No Questions Asked Satisfaction Guarantee
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