Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential

As a perk of your Commit Action membership, you’ll also get the tools to put smart prioritization and accountability at the heart of your business and watch the effectiveness of your whole team transform overnight.

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Working with teams at…


+Thousands of fast growing small businesses!


Add Team Members For Free

As a Commit Action member you can now add free members, and share the clarity and accountability your coach creates with your whole team!


Self-Guided Weekly Ritual

Team members will be guided through Commit Actions evidence-based weekly planning ritual by our software, and commit to their highest impact tasks for the week.


Get Total Clarity & Alignment

As the Founder account you get a full overview of your employees and their top priorities for the week. So you get total clarity and alignment across the business, and hold your team accountable for their most important work.


Instantly Deploy Coaching

Outsource structure and accountability detail. Free yourself up to focus on the vision and leadership of the business.

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Going from managing projects to managing priorities and outsourcing the details has been a huge game changer for our business. Everyone is moving in the same direction, I get a high level overview of what everyone is working on, and can avoid any micromanaging. The team is loving it too, they’ve got more freedom and independence and can see how their work is having an impact on the whole business.

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The End Result…

Get your whole team aligned and working at maximum effectiveness, and watch your business growth explode.


No, as a Commit Action coaching member, you can add as many team members as you want for free. They will get access to an app dashboard similar to yours and be guided through the weekly ritual by our software and resources. Then you will be able to easily share your goals and priorities with your team members. If you wish to upgrade your team members to have 1-to-1 coaching, that will be extra.

Our interactive dashboard will walk them through the process of creating goals, breaking them down into weekly action plans, and reviewing their progress at the same time every week.

You can easily pay to add coaching at any time for your team members, either for a one-off strategy and planning call, or ongoing in the same way you do coaching.

Yes, both you and your team choose which goals & action items to share or keep private.

Yes. Your teams free accounts work with the same 2-directional calendar syncing as your does. That means when they go through their weekly checkin, commit to their tasks, and block out time, they will be able to see their prior commitments on their Commit Action dashboard and build their week around them. When they’re finished, their new commitments will be pushed to their 3rd party calendar (for example, Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook etc.) so they’ve got an easy reference.

Additional insight into what your team is prioritizing, but beyond that a useful tool to help stimulate conversations between what is YOUR highest priority and how it effects them as well as what is your TEAM trying to achieve and how do they relate.