Joining the Commit Action team

The Commit Action team are masters of conscientious and focused execution in all aspects of life.

In our bones, we get what it means to take uncomfortable action in the present, in order to create big long term success. Together, our mission is to help our members become the Highest Leverage version of themselves possible.

Our team works remotely, with our founder and executive team operating out of New York City. We serve customers in 22 countries and counting.

Positions we’re currently hiring for:

Executive Effectiveness Aide


One-to-one virtual client consulting. Commit Action’s Executive Aides meet (via phone) with each of their clients on a weekly basis to facilitate an in-depth tactical planning exercise.

We only accept candidates who exceed our highest criteria, including:

  • Terrific social awareness, rapport skills and behavioral flexibility
  • A track record demonstrating advanced understanding of delayed gratification in service of high level accomplishment
  • Demonstrate deft handling of a diverse range of different interpersonal challenges and situations

All Executive Aide positions are full time. Detailed, in depth training in Commit Action’s proprietary methodology is provided.

All Aide applicants must fill out our questionnaire as the first step in their application:

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