Joining the Commit Action team

The Commit Action team are masters of conscientious and focused execution in all aspects of life.

In our bones, we get what it means to take uncomfortable action in the present, in order to create big long term success. Together, our mission is to help our members become the Highest Leverage version of themselves possible.

Our team works remotely, with our founder and executive team operating out of New York City. We serve customers in 22 countries and counting.

Positions we’re currently hiring for:

Marketing Director / CMO 

Commit Action – a scaling “personal productivity” software and coaching service for small business owners/entrepreneurs – is seeking an experienced performance marketer to join our New York City (Manhattan) team as Chief Marketing Officer to drive growth and build profitable digital marketing channels.

Candidate requirements:

  1. Direct response copywriting – Experience in the business self help or productivity/focus niche writing performance testing copy to convert traffic into qualified leads and customers.
  2. PPC Ad design and copywriting – Full skillset to independently manage a performance marketing channel on Facebook and/or Google Adwords.
  3. Funnel design – Experience in managing and directing optimization of funnel tech (landing pages, email opt in, copy etc) and funnel content (articles, guides, videos etc)

Preferred (but not required):

  • Content Marketing and Organic SEO – Experience with long form value-add article writing/thought leadership.

The right candidate will receive ultra-competitive compensation in both salary, performance bonus and equity.

Our ideal candidate for this role will have a strong execution track record of working in the trenches, building successful digital marketing campaigns from scratch themselves. They will thrive in the short to medium term as a one-person marketing department with access to strong design, tech and content resources.

As an early-ish stage small team, we are seeking a candidate willing to roll their sleeves up and build with us—in the short term—who will grow into a CMO executive role and ultimately lead a team.

More info on our business:

Commit Action is a bootstrap startup that’s achieved epic product market fit and profitability with an utterly unique product. Though small and scrappy, we are not “early stage” – we’ve thoroughly validated our product by moving patiently and deliberately to build out a hybrid coaching and software service, informed by direct insights and needs from thousands of customers we’ve served.  

Simply put, Commit Action helps our customers to execute more—and faster—to grow their businesses quicker and improve their lives. Our customers “outsource” their internal battle for focus and productivity to us. We apply scientifically validated accountability coaching—on a weekly basis—that boosts their focus and execution skills. They become higher leverage, more effective entrepreneurs and their businesses thrive as a result.

How will Commit Action help our new CMO make big growth and wins happen? We offer…

  • An innovative one-of-a-kind product with blue ocean potential to grow – The Commit Action product is a both a world first and totally validated because we also have achieved…
  • A phenomenal and absolutely proven product-market-fit – huge numbers of customers have paid for and stuck with us long term (fantastic LTV!) and shared powerful, touching testimonials.
  • A track record of successful performance marketing experiments and funnels, as well as a history of strong organic growth to build off of – starting “from scratch” in this role is not required!
  • A dedicated, ambitious team on the product, operations and customer service sides of the business who are itching to grow.
  • A philosophy of marketing and product design collaboration. We believe that good marketing informs product design, and good product informs marketing strategy.
  • Phenomenal work life balance with a strong culture of “Work hard and go home”, breaking bread together and building a great lifestyle around the business hitting milestones.
  • A best of both worlds work culture of both a remote team AND a NYC executive hub (operating out of a vibrant startup studio packed with collaboration-minded world class entrepreneurs and their teams).
  • A founder/CEO with a highly trusted personal brand—available to be leveraged—as a thought leader, amongst the world’s most elite entrepreneurs and VCs.
  • Direct mentorship from–and network building with–our founder/CEO. The successful candidate will be a central part of the team, thought-partner with our founder and member of the inner circle.
  • The backing of Human Ventures as a capital-partner and collaborator, one of the most innovative venture capital firms and startup studios in the world.

To apply for this role, please submit your resumé with any comments or background, via email to — Critical: Use the subject line “CMO Application” on your email to ensure your application is correctly routed to the next step in our process. 



Executive Effectiveness Aide


One-to-one virtual client consulting. Commit Action’s Executive Aides meet (via phone) with each of their clients on a weekly basis to facilitate an in-depth tactical planning exercise.

We only accept candidates who exceed our highest criteria, including:

  • Terrific social awareness, rapport skills and behavioral flexibility
  • A track record demonstrating advanced understanding of delayed gratification in service of high level accomplishment
  • Demonstrate deft handling of a diverse range of different interpersonal challenges and situations

All Executive Aide positions are full time. Detailed, in depth training in Commit Action’s proprietary methodology is provided.

All Aide applicants must fill out our questionnaire as the first step in their application:

Take me to the questionnaire