Executive Effectiveness Aide Recruitment Questionnaire

  • (Keep in mind this is a full time position)
  • What is the process you used – mentally – to feel certain and/or commit to doing this thing? Explain your thought process?
  • It could be work or personal related… or anything at all. In detail, explain why you enjoyed or were fulfilled by this experience.
  • Try to answer this question with a job experience that is actually considered “work” - we don’t really want to know about how you enjoyed working at a ski resort in college because you scored free skiing...
  • What did you do internally (inside your mind) that helped you make it happen?
  • (Alternatively, email a copy to info@commitaction.com with "Aide Job Application as the subject")
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You're dropping the bomb after bomb and my mind is getting blown to bits!

Garry Hones, CA email subscriber & biz owner

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