How did a guitarist turn into an industry powerhouse?

This is the story of Brian, a musician whose journey leads him to extraordinary entrepreneurial heights, yet a lingering question remains: What does fulfillment truly mean?

As the guitarist with a popular band signed to a major record label RCA, Brian lives the rockstar life but struggles with a lack of structure damaging productivity.

He pivots into the corporate world as an executive at Legendary Entertainment, thriving in the business metrics and goals but now stifled under excessive bureaucracy.

Brian strikes out on his own, founding a startup called SE Technologies. As founder and CEO, he enjoys the perfect balance of creativity and achievement. But is that enough?

A profound realization emerges after a liquidity event - success itself does not guarantee happiness. So Brian partners with Commit Action coches to focus less on productivity and more on honoring his passion for music and self-expression.

Through our methodology of delegation, introspection, and purposeful time utilization, Brian liberates himself from the relentless ’busyness’ of entrepreneurship.

Listen to Brian’s first-hand account of a remarkable journey only halfway up the summit of worldly achievement but in many ways just beginning towards deeper fulfillment.