Accountability Coaching: Why Ultra Successful People Hire Personal Trainers

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Peter Shallard
CEO | Commit Action

The world’s most successful entrepreneurs are transforming their ideas into huge results easier, faster and more often than everyone else. They do so by leveraging a tremendous psychological advantage: Accountability.

Accountability itself is the single most scientifically validated tool for improving human behavior. The empirical evidence for this is vast and includes not only studies by psychologists, but also research conducted in the field of applied economics and sociology.

The tremendous power of accountability to improve human performance is more important than ever before in history. Why? Because of two extraordinary transformations occurring in the way humans work: 

In the 21st century we have more freedom and opportunity than ever before. There’s just one problem: 

It’s harder to stay accountable, focused and productive than ever  

In the next 20 years, the United States treasury is predicting over half of the white collar workforce will transition to self-employment. And one in three Americans dream of owning their own business. 

What’s unique about the present day is that… for the first time in history, one in three people have everything they need to start a business. It has never been easier to “do your own thing”.

This revolution in the way we work is driven by advances in technology that are so rapid, the world is becoming unrecognizable. 

It is now possible for executives to create millions of dollars of value while working from where they feel like it – via messaging apps and video conferencing – hundreds of miles from their company’s HQ. 

Entrepreneurship has been utterly transformed too: The barriers to entry have fallen to almost nothing. Anyone can start a business online, from their bedroom. By working on a laptop in their pajamas. 

Entrepreneurs are building multi-million dollar revenue streams, or simply supplementing other income with “side gig” passion businesses… without ever actually meeting a customer. 

Technology and The Internet has created this opportunity. There’s nothing like it in human history. 

But the opportunity isn’t the only thing that’s changed… 

Humans are also finding it harder and harder to focus, be productive and take action. 

The same technology that is empowering us to work and create value – with more freedom than previous generations could imagine – is also making us more isolated than humans have ever been.  

Remote, tech-empowered creatives and entrepreneurs are facing an accountability crisis. 

People working primarily with digital tools and total location independence, are inadvertently placing themselves into a state of “accountability vacuum”.

This is especially true for people participating in the creative, knowledge-economy as skilled workers or entrepreneurs. This demographic has the most opportunity to create freedom for themselves from conventional nine-to-five work life. As a result, they’re also the most vulnerable to feeling ineffective, unfocused and unmotivated. They lack the accountability that focuses their execution powers on their biggest opportunities. 

Human brain science proves that accountability is the ultimate performance booster

Human beings are social, political primates. As a species, we have thrived by developing sophisticated communication and team work strategies. Relationships with other humans were a tremendous advantage for our evolutionary ancestors and our brain structure reflects that heritage. 

You could say that we are literally “wired” to work better when we feel accountable to another human. 

That’s why ultra-successful entrepreneurs – who’ve surrounded themselves with empowering webs of supporting advisors, investors, staff and accountability coaches – do not experience the overwhelm, procrastination and self sabotage caused by isolation. 

Meanwhile, the entrepreneurs with professional, reliable accountability in their lives are able to hit home run after home run without having to exert enormous amounts of time and mental energy. With accountability, they don’t have to endlessly push themselves to execute—instead they easily show up as the best version of themselves. Day after day. 

The brain circuitry that drives optimal focus and performance is naturally activated and sustained by accountability, not willpower. 

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The only catch: Finding reliable, professional accountability

Optimized accountability used to be a secret weapon of elite executives and the world’s top entrepreneurs leading huge organizations. The army of advisors, coaches, investors, boards and even staff that support a visionary to simply show up as the best version of themselves… is something only the top 0.01% have access to. 

Peter Shallard—the founder of Commit Action—was one of those advisors to the entrepreneur elite in his role as “The Shrink for Entrepreneurs”. A psychotherapist by training, Peter went renegade and built a practice dedicated to supporting the performance of the world’s top founders. 

He started Commit Action because he realized that the most effective core of elite coaching and advisory was the accountability that came from working with the humans delivering it. The idea was “Personal Training for Productivity” — a service that would go on to double its customers effectiveness in their first 30 days of membership. 

His vision for Commit Action’s was simple: Pure accountability for entrepreneurs, delivered through an evidence-based methodology by ultra-vetted experts—individually trained by Peter himself. 

Thousands of entrepreneurs have skyrocketed their performance with accountability coaching

To date, Commit Action has serviced thousands of entrepreneurs and creatives in over twenty countries. The service revolves around a cornerstone ritual that it “installs” in the client’s business and lives: A once-per-week accountability coach check-in call that acts as an accelerator for all your goals. 

As Peter’s bootstrap startup, Commit Action has also built proprietary technology: Clients now benefit from a custom built planning tool that allows their dedicated coach to manage their to-dos each week, plan a calendar of “deep work” sprints and send personal one-to-one accountability reminders and check-ins throughout the week. 

For a rapidly growing group of entrepreneurs, Commit Action isn’t just accountability coaching. It’s a mental gym membership with a dedicated “personal trainer”.  It’s insurance that guarantees you perform at your best. And it’s an investment that pays for itself over and over, by supercharging your ability to focus and execute on your boldest ideas. 

Get the full scoop on the Commit Action service here. 

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