How To Become The Highest Leverage Version of Yourself Possible

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Peter Shallard
CEO | Commit Action |

For the first time at Commit Action, we can clearly articulate our total philosophy. This simple description of what we stand for – what we’re here to help you accomplish – is the crux of everything we’ve learned.

I’d like to introduce you to the Commit Action manifesto. It’s everything we’re about. We invite you to be about it, too.


Prioritize the highest leverage, most courageous action possible. Act on everything you learn. Learn from every act. Over deliver on promises. Create, build and scale. Make a difference. Work “on” instead of “in”. When you cannot, do what’s needed so that – tomorrow – you can.

Live well and with intention. Eliminate everything low-leverage and draining. Lose yourself in what you love. Stay down to earth. Remember nothing lasts forever. Be present. Connect with your people without distraction. Seek out new experiences. Stretch yourself. Play.

No one succeeds alone.

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