Brain Hack: Sustaining Passion for Your Business Idea Till the End

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Peter Shallard
CEO | Commit Action |

Every business owner – aspiring or experienced – starts out super pumped.

I bet you did.

Your idea felt great, like it was gonna be the next big thing. Success felt just around the corner. Like it'd be easy.

Once you start executing, things start to feel a tad more difficult. The more you take action, the bigger and harder winning actually seems. You realize you were naive to jump into this, thinking it'd be simple or quick.

Every entrepreneur starts out optimistic and full of motivation. Only serially successful entrepreneurs are capable of sustaining that drive even when things get seriously tough.

Here at Commit Action, we push business owners to get more done than they ever imagined was possible. Time and time again, we see entrepreneurs start out full of pep… only to hit a brick wall when things get tough, and that initial mojo runs out.

We had to find out why this was happening, for so many people. Once we started digging into the science and psychology of it… we realized that there's more to success and motivation than just pushing for productivity and execution.

If you've struggled to stay motivated and passionate long term – even on a REALLY GREAT business idea – then watch the video below. It's a straight up free tutorial, breaking down one of the biggest breakthroughs in entrepreneur psychology we've ever made. I simply had to publish what I discovered…

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