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The purpose of Commit Action has always been to create ultra-optimized accountability where it is most absent and most needed: We inject pro accountability into the big audacious projects where entrepreneurs like you have little.

These projects tend to be both the biggest opportunities for serious business growth… and simultaneously, they’re the easiest projects to procrastinate.

They’re the “10x” force multipliers. They’re also the scariest things to work on.

I’m talking about tasks that you never have to do – that not even your customers will expect you to do – but that when you finally do… do…

Well, doing them rockets you into orbit!

Committing to yourself to actually sit down and move the ball forward on these high-growth projects is the hardest part of entrepreneurship.

You have to face your fears. You have to harness your creativity. It’s all on you. And if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

It helps to break those projects down into specific, measurable steps. It helps to be held accountable and to set yourself up with personal deadlines.

Commit Action’s service does all this for you… which is why it works.

And today we’re announcing how we’re making Commit Action work even better!

CA_uncover-1024x512.pngOur newest game-changing addition to Commit Action is a calendar tool that allows you to set appointments with yourself to work on your most important goals.

We’re now bringing clarity to our members not just around whatthey should be working on, but also on whenthey’re working on it!

And when your Commit Action aide asks you “When?”, they’re bringing the whole arsenal of Commit Action's core "pillars" to the party: Specificity, Measurability, Accountability and of course Deadlines.

Commit Action historically has offered entrepreneurs a way to outsource the day-to-day management of their most important, high leverage to-do list.

Signing up for Commit Action is like putting a “pro” in charge of that – literally running our custom to-do list software – on your behalf.

And now, Commit Action also offers entrepreneurs a way to outsource the building and maintaining of a high leverage execution calendar.

I’m not talking about the calendar of meetings, appointments or responsibilities you already have. Those are the commitments where you’re accountable to your team, your customers, family or friends. You already show up to those appointments.

Instead, I’m talking about the calendar you should be creating: A new calendar of appointments to work on things that matter to you, where you’re accountable to no one but yourself.

Commit Action now builds that calendar for you.

Each and every week.

The Commit Action Calendar

Goes live for all customers Monday January 14th

Screen-Shot-2019-01-08-at-11.31.59-AM.pngWe’re launching an integrated – universally subscribe-able – calendar system into our Commit Action app and our methodology.

Here's what it does:

  • Scheduled and intentional execution plan (in calendar form!)

  • Subscribe and view on any device (smart phone, computer etc)

  • Get timely, personal check-in SMS from your aide (never a robot)

  • Build out a schedule for all your commitments to yourself

  • All concierge managed by your CA Aide

The ideas behind it this huge new feature are powerful:

Scheduled and intentional execution plan

Each week, you set three clarified “Committed Tasks” with your CA aide.

Your aide will now be asking you when you intend to work on those things, as well as holding you accountable to your estimate of how long the work will take.

Then, they’ll create an “appointment” in the calendar.

That calendar event serves as an intention and commitment to execute on your terms – when and where you choose.

Subscribe and view on any device

iPhone-X-1.0.jpgYou can work from your calendar via our app at any time, or you can subscribe to your calendar from ANY of your devices.

Get timely, personal check-in Text messages from your aide


What’s essential about this feature is that it gives your aide an insight into when you’re committed to executing, even when you’re not on the phone with them.

So members can expect personalized, time specific check ins from their aide – no robots, no auto-responders – to help them stay focused and on track.

Having someone in your corner who is aware of the execution intentions within your day to day game plan… changes everything.

Unlike every other productivity software or reminder system where thoughtless "AI" sends ham-fisted notifications, you will have your dedicated (highly trained!) human team member reaching out.

This dialogue will evolve and customize exactly as you need it: Need less encouragement? A softer touch? More "drill sergeant" style?

Whatever is optimal for you, your business and your psychology. It's all possible because we've transformed the concept of "Notifications" into the simple idea that you and your aide can communicate directly.

Build out a schedule for all your commitments to yourself

Over time, your Commit Action calendar will also expand to include all the commitments you want to make to yourself, not just your three Commit Action tasks for the week.


Not only that, but it will also allow you and your aide to break your Committed Tasks into their relevant components. An entrepreneur might move mountains on one single project in a week, by working for an hour each morning on five different pieces of it.

Now, our calendar will enable you to plan all of that.

You can use it as a planning layer – on top of any other calendars you use – to see how your appointments and meetings map on top of your intentions for executing the big stuff.

Just like our to-do list methodology, the idea isn’t to build the perfect calendar you stick to like magic. It’s to create a specific, intentional execution plan… and then to see how close to your intentions your reality actually is. (And to learn something when things go wrong.)

By integrating the calendar into your weekly check in call, the optimization of all four of the Commit Action "pillars" is exponentially multiplied.

Everything is "concierge managed" by your Commit Action Aide

What’s essential about this feature is that you never have to do anything.

You just have to show up.

The Commit Action aide team is trained to build out and maintain these calendars on behalf of their clients. Week by week, your aide tweak and optimize yours as you hone your ability to predict your own performance, to anticipate obstacles and to move mountains with your execution.

Your aide's job is to ride that edge of pushing you to do just a bit more than you think you’re capable of. The calendar will always be ambitious. And it will always help you build your focus and execution muscles.

You don’t have to do anything to organize this, your high leverage calendar will be built for you. You just have to show up and execute.

Execution is everything.

We believe that the future of entrepreneurship – and work itself – is human connection.

By creating tools that bring you closer to a dedicated human helper, and the accountability and multiplying effects of connected brains (versus an isolated one!) … we believe we can rapidly accelerate the rate at which you make your biggest entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

The calendar feature Commit Action's biggest evolution of that philosophy. We’re excited for you to start using it, and to learn and grow together.

If you're not already a Commit Action member, you can sign up here.

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