Refund Policy

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Commit Action, Inc, creator of the Commit Action subscription service (including Commit Action Coaching, various partner programs involving Commit Action Coaching and Commit Action Productivity Tutorials), provides the following refund policy:

1. Within 30 days of the purchase of your Commit Action Coaching subscription, you may cancel your account via the clearly-marked contact form, under the “Contact” section above, and we will refund the full amount you paid upon request.

2. Regarding $10 Trial offer subscriptions to the Commit Action Service: The $10 fee is non-refundable. If you wish to cancel your trial, you must do so before the seven day trial period ends. Upon the end of the seven day trial period, your account will be automatically debited to the value of a complete Commit Action membership. By signing up for a $10 trial you forfeit the Commit Action 30-day-refund policy. You may cancel your membership at any point but you will not receive a refund.

2. No refunds are provided after the first 30 days, and we do not provide pro-rata refunds for canceled accounts.

3. After the initial refund period expires, Commit Action, Inc will continue to charge you on a monthly basis at the initial subscription rate unless you cancel your account by via the clearly-marked “Contact” Section within your Commit Action account.

4. We will send notification on the day your credit card is charged to the email address you provide us.

5. Partial refunds for amounts less than a full month membership will not be provided.

6. All coaching call cancellations and reschedule requests must be submitted with a minimum of 24 hours notice before the scheduled call time regardless of the reason for the cancellation.

7. No-show calls in which the client does not respond to Commit Action staff’s attempts to make contact via phone, Skype or email will be considered as “completed calls” and will not be refunded or compensated for in any way by Commit Action. You need to show up for your calls or give fair notice to we can reschedule in a way that suits you.