A week in the life of a Commit Action member:

Epic productivity is simply an appointment in your calendar

Day 1

The phone rings - it’s your dedicated effectiveness aide

  • Together you analyze your plans and commitments for the week ahead

  • Your long term goals get examined against your short-term tasks and todos

  • Using our coaching methodology, your aide pushes you to clarify your high leverage priorities

  • Asking masterful questions to psychologically align your thinking, your aide transforms your ideas and intentions into specific execution-actions for the 7 days ahead

  • Your aide locks down your week’s game-plan in our app (which will track your progress), then emails you a personalized summary

Behind the scenes:

  • Your aide is tracking and leveraging dozens of psychological variables as you talk, ensuring your objectives for the week are psychologically “well formed”, aligned and optimized

  • Like a master tightrope walker, they’re finding that perfect – highly personal – sweet spot to have you set seven-day commitments that are both realistic and ambitious enough to accomplish and feel great about

  • They’re walking you through what will become a familiar, trustworthy methodology: A ritual for clarifying and committing to short term action that accelerates achieving your long term, high-leverage goals

  • That method they’re using? It’s proprietary, developed by us in collaboration with some of the world’s top ivy-league psychology and neuroscience researchers. We could talk about the science all day (see our FAQ)

  • Your aide has hundreds of hours of training and experience under their belt. They’ve worked with business owners in more industries than most people can imagine.


You are not alone

  • Your aide sends you a personal mid-week check in to remind you of your committed actions

  • They’ll send (optional) personal SMS reminders about day-to day action steps you committed to

  • They are there for you and always in your corner – no matter if the week goes as intended or otherwise

  • Ping them for advice or even just to vent – they’re there to cheer you on, guide and push you

  • Log in to our web app: Check off steps and committed tasks like any other to-do list, only this time someone cares

Behind the scenes:

  • So much more than a to-do list app: Our software is custom-engineered to facilitate instant watch-as-it-happens collaboration on the calls between you and your aide

  • On smartphone, mac or PC our app acts as a portal, like sharing a real-time digital whiteboard of ambitious plans with a dedicated concierge/scribe whose job it is to organize and optimize it

  • Between calls, your aide will check your dashboard to see how things are going – genuine human accountability that no fancy software can replace

  • You’re always supported – they’ll take time to email a personal note as a reminder to stay focused and invite a dialogue if you need help

  • Everything our engineers build – from your two-way interactive task dashboard to our SMS reminders system – puts the human one-to-one connection between you and your aide first.

1 week later

It all comes together

  • Your outsourced productivity & focus ritual begins again – like clockwork – when your aide calls

  • They’ll start by analyzing your past 7 days: Success. Struggle. What got done. What didn’t

  • Your aide will help you celebrate wins and draw powerful insights from any obstacles you faced

  • Your meta-productivity metrics will be documented in our app’s “Action Record” to aid potent self-reflection

  • Integrating learnings from the week past, your aide will re-adjust what’s necessary and begin guiding the ritual for the week ahead…

Behind the scenes:

  • Our web app builds out a dashboard of your records: Your streaks and consistency actioning the things that matters: What you commit to. What you know you should.

  • The behavior-optimizing power of Measurement and Self-Reflection kicks in – all the power of “The Quantified Self” only with genuine accountability attached

  • Our methodology is built on the fundamental presupposition that all failure is (valuable) feedback – your aide will artfully help you use challenges or setbacks to adjust course and rocket ahead

  • Our motto is “Execution is Everything” – we believe ideas alone are worthless, that everything benefits from “shipping” and bonafide “market feedback”, that perfectionism is self sabotage

  • Our philosophy is that business owners like you know precisely what it is you should be doing, deep down. You’re drowning in great ideas, tactics and strategies – you don’t need more. All you need is the courage, clarity and commitment to take action.

Ready? Begin your Commit Action membership immediately.

The price is only $249 per month but the cost is so much more: All our customers give up their self sabotage and low-leverage floundering.

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