What to do when you don’t know what to do in business 

Three simple in-the-moment journaling exercises to reduce entrepreneurial anxiety and inspire action There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s career where mental paralysis strikes. It could be fear and the lizard brain. It could be the crushing overwhelm of too many things to do. It could even… Read More

Why Entrepreneurs Give Up 

Whether or not to give up. It’s the question that hits every aspiring entrepreneur at some point. It’s rooted in the deepest of anxieties. It’s scary because some business ideas SHOULD be given up on.  But there’s only one reason you should ever quit. Before we get… Read More

3 home office productivity hacks you’ve never heard of

Consistent, powerful productivity. That’s the goal, right? It isn’t easy. If you’re a freelancer, business owner or entrepreneur then you know the struggle to stay “in the zone” when working from home. It doesn’t matter if you occasionally work from your kitchen table or if you’ve set… Read More

How to get massively motivated in less than 60 seconds 

Confession time: Even highly driven and productive entrepreneurs still struggle every day to turn on their motivation when they need it. Perhaps you’re one of these folks. You’re busy. You’re building a kickass business. You get a a lot done. BUT – and it’s a big “but” – you… Read More