January 23, 2024

Accountability Coach

Commit Action's accountability coaches are the core of our entire business!

In this role you will work one-on-one with your own roster of entrepreneurs, creatives and execs supporting them as a dedicated accountability coach. Your work will primarily consist of client consultations (via phone) in which you will conduct a detailed check in and planning ritual for our client's goals and schedule. You will become a master of productivity and entrepreneurial psychology.

  • Stimulating, fulfilling and varied work—talk to interesting people all day, never be bored!

  • Encyclopedic on-the-job training to build valuable career skills—psychology, coaching and business/innovation.

  • Immerse yourself in an evidence-based business + psychology philosophy (no woo-woo at this company, just research proven methodology)

  • No selling! This is not a sales job but a chance to put your skills and experience to use in a new way.

  • Master new skills to become a productivity coach and trusted advisor to creatives, entrepreneurs and execs.

  • Join a team of talented, brilliant peers all conspiring for your success.

  • Earn big bonuses based entirely on building relationships, using skills you learn on the job.

  • Rapid promotion opportunities for highest performers—we're grown so fast we need tomorrow's leaders, today!

All Accountability Coaching positions are full time with a four day work week and a generous PTO policy. The only catch: We have a "work hard go home" philosophy and require our coaches to show up consistently for scheduled work—no matter what—to support their clients.

Detailed, in depth training in Commit Action’s proprietary methodology is provided—think of it as a PhD in Productivity Coaching. We make expert coaches out of people who bring the right raw potential to the job!

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100% Remote


$50,000 - $75,000 + Comprehensive Benefits


  • Terrific social awareness, rapport skills and behavioral flexibility
  • A track record demonstrating advanced understanding of delayed gratification in service of high level accomplishment
  • Demonstrate deft handling of a diverse range of different interpersonal challenges and situations
  • Work ethic and study reliability to show up and provide consistent support to your clients


  • Support a roster of entrepreneur clients; track their goals and plans
  • Stay in touch via SMS and Email (biz hours only)
  • Endless learning and development on the job

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September 15, 2023

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